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Randy can RKO me [entries|friends|calendar]

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[February 8th, 2005 @ 10:21pm ]

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Holy shit. It's been a long time. I'm in the process of making a new journal.. so.. I'll let you know. :)
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[September 15th, 2004 @ 3:15pm ]
[ mood | indescribable ]

It's been awhile.

Life's been going okay, I guess. I hate getting up in the morning and going to school. Of course, I hate school period. But... you know.

"I think of you and everything's alright."

Line from an Ashlee Simpson song. I don't really like her.. but, meh. It fit my feelings as of right now. And, of course, those feelings are about Randy Orton. He makes my life a whole hell of a lot better.

"I'm going under.. drowning in you."

Anyways, I have some comments on the Unforgiven match last Sunday. I mean, I like Triple H just fine. He's a very accomplished superstar, and has done a lot with his career already. I'm super pissed that Randy Orton lost the World Heavyweight Championship to him though. It kind of sucks that Triple H has to cheat all the time. I mean, he's good enough to do it by himself, why doesn't he?

My train of thought is that he doesn't give himself enough credit. But... you know. But yeah, SUPER pissed that Randy lost the title. All of his true fans know that he is not just a fluke, and that he tried his damndest at Unforgiven. PLUS, Triple H had to go and cheat, so, that should show, too.

Randy was the greatest champion by far, I think. He has everything it takes. He's a Thrid Generation Superstar, already been with the best of the best, and even went past. Now, Triple H may've said that he was good, but he also said that Randy was not as good as him. I'd like to see another match with Randy and Trips. RKO vs. HHH. Everyone banned from ringside. Lets see H get past that one.

Anyways, loves. I'm going to go and do something, heh. Figure out a way to get $40 plus shipping and handling so I can get the Legend Killer t-shirt and the Randy Orton bobblehead.

I <3 you all. Especially Mr. Randy K. Orton. ;D

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Complicated.. [September 1st, 2004 @ 8:10pm ]
Yes, well, ever since I started school, life has sucked. Homework every night. I can't fucking think. At all. I can't concentrate, I feel like crying every second of every day. And then I get home.. and I'm okay.. until I have to do my homework. And then I stress. So freaking bad that my nerves are shot now. I have a fucking band test tomorrow, and I'm not doing it. I got accepted into Marching Band kinda, in the pit. But.. I don't think I want to anymore. I don't want to be there any freaking more than I have to.

I spend lunch alone. I talk to no one. Why the hell did I even want to move here? I hate it. And here's a poem I wrote, to no one in particular, but to everyone I know.

Why must you be
the way you are
how you stare
and just look
like you're on top of the world.

Why must you be
a complication
in my life
when I have enough to deal with already.

Why can't you just
give in to me
give in to my personality
when you know
that I'm so alone.

Why can't you just
intoxicate me
with your words
and your modesty
until I tell you I'm okay.

Why won't you
get my plea

Why won't you
rescue me from myself.

Why don't you get it?

I know it's not that good.. oh well. My feelings.

I have to go. My mom is prodding me. Gosh. My life. freaking. sucks.

I <333 Randy Orton for life. My only way to get away.
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Out Whore.ing [August 28th, 2004 @ 12:14am ]
[ mood | hot ]

Well, here I am again.

Babysitting was great. Except for the dog. Total disaster. One of them jumped through the front screen and started fighting with a dog on the street. >.< Blah. So then I had to go grab the monsterous dog and drag him inside. And then, he tried to get out of the kitchen window, popped that out of place too. So then I had Crystal help me close all of the windows. :sigh: I hope they let me babysit again.
The lady I babysit for said it was okay, but, yeah.

So, today, I woke up at 11, played around, took a shower, played around some more, and then went school shopping. Got some Vans. Woo. And something happened at the shoe store.. but I won't go into detail. But yeah, finished school shopping, so, I'm all set.

Tomorrow I have to go to a baby shower. And Sunday I have to go to my Grandpa's birthday party. And then Monday I start school. :die:

This year will be different. This year, I'm going to go about my personality different. Mwahaha.

Well, I should be off, going to read some stuff, probably make a few icons, and then sooner or later, wander off to bed.


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Onward we go! [August 25th, 2004 @ 5:47pm ]
Yeah... so, introductions suck. I never know what to say. So, I'll just say stuff.

I'm very much obsessed with wrestling. RANDY ORTON is my number one obsession, though. I love that guy more than life itself, which is kind of sad because he doesn't know I exist, and I've never met him. But.. yeah.

Wrestling is life. Past. Present. Future. Even After Future.

Yup, my favorite movies are Thirteen, The Ring, Cabin Fever, Wayne's World. And shows, RAW, Smackdown, Degrassi, Daria. Yup.

Today... I did absolutely nothing. Sat here in this chair. Woo. Go me. Obsessed over Randy Orton, like I always do. Found tons of icons. Kane & Lita & their wedding. Squee.

Tomorrow I have to babysit. Ooh. Fun. I've never babysat for this person before, so it should be a challenge. Hopefully the kid falls in love with me, because that would be a good thing. I love kiddies.

Also, my journal will be Friends Only soon, so, feel free to comment and add me, because I'll surely add you back.

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